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How to play Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer with LMP Mod

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CarbonsGaming is running a Kerbal Space Program mod called Luna Multiplayer, you can find the mod website at http://lunamultiplayer.com/ . The DIRECT MOD INSTALL link can be found at https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/releases/tag/0.13.50 it will be called  LunaMultiplayer-Release.zip . This mod allows us to host a Kerbal Space Program Server, you must have this mod installed to access the server.  To do so you can follow these steps, found also on their website HERE, but for simplicity here they are.

  1. Once you've downloaded the desired version, you will see 2 folders in the .zip file.
  2. Inside the Client folder you will see a folder called GameData. You must put the GameDatafolder into your main KSP folder.

After installing LMP and putting it in the corresponding folder

  1. After you've installed LMP correctly and you've started KSP, you should see a new window in the main menu.
  2. We recommend to set up your username first, because you will be recognized by it on the servers.


If you have any questions, or the instructions are not clear, please message me directly here on carbonsgaming.net or on Discord or steam I would be more than happy to help ?

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