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 ⚠️ End of Summer Server Wipe Announcement ⚠️

From the Administrative Team

 As the Alpha 8.5: Anniversary Update was just released for Empyrion Galactic Server we will be undergoing a complete server wipe. I have been working on getting Administrative settings up and running to allow myself and other users at a later date to administrate the server from within (more information to come at a later date).  We have been running the server with no anti-griefing measures in place and thats unacceptable to maintain a healthy server environment for all players. To start fresh with the changes I've made as well as the many changes that were just made to the game itself a wipe is necessary. 

So  ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS when the server wipe is started ALL data will be lost therefore I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ALL PLAYERS who wish to save their Structures/Ships ETC TO SAVE/COPY using Empyrions blue print system to avoid full loss of their structures/ships.


-Server Wipe will begin tentatively  On Friday August 31st at 9:00 PM PST-

(12:00 EDT,11:00 CDT,10:00 MDT,4:00 AM UTC)


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