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April 28 Community Games Night

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Hey guys and gals, CarbonsGaming Community Games Night again tonight :D

So for tonight I have a few free to play options I thought might be fun to try as a group, for those of you that wanna to have everything downloaded ahead of time here is the list:

Trackmania Nations Forever - Driving Game

Zero K - RTS Game

Fog of War - FPS Game

I will also throw H1Z1 out there as an option as they have added some content since we last played it as a group and there could be some fun times in a custom game or maybe Auto Royale.

Anyways, there is the info, look forward to seeing some of you tonight :D



For anybody looking for general information about Community Games Night check out this:

Anybody looking for a master list of games we commonly play, or wanting to suggest a game or activity for a future Games Night check out this:

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Whats CarbonsGaming?

CarbonsGaming is a community friends who hang out together, work together, and play games together