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April 14 Community Games Night

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Hey guys, how we all doing this weekend?

7PDT, tonight it's time for another CarbonsGaming Community Games Night :D

The plan is to start with a game called Scorched3D - http://www.scorched3d.co.uk/ unless we have some serious issues getting it to work or something.

Next I thought we could chill to some CS GunGame on our server for a bit before taking a look at the event mode currently available on PUBG. (which is essentially a 3 way, 10v10v10 deathmatch)

Following that if we are still playing, it'll be open ended, and keep in mind sometimes I like to change things on the fly :)

For anybody looking for general information about Community Games Night check out this:

Anybody looking for a master list of games we commonly play, or wanting to suggest a game or activity for a future Games Night check out this:

Don't think there is anything more I have to add, look forward to seeing some of you there tonight :D

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