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April 7 Community Games Night

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Hey guys, its that time again :D

Gonna be a pretty mellow night again in terms of plans, just wanna play some casual games with the community members that wanna play with each other, not looking to get into anything too complex for anybody to learn or join in.

Id like to have some more structured nights again for games night soon, but just have a few things that have been taking my focus lately including some health issues, so please just relax with me and enjoy another low stress night, and know that soon enough I will have some plans for structured Games Nights again.

As for tonight, I'll be starting around 7PST like usual, and will look for whoever wants to play with us in the Games Night channel on Discord.

Hope to see you there :D


General info for Games Night:


Suggestions for future Games Night:


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CarbonsGaming is a community friends who hang out together, work together, and play games together