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CarbonsGaming Community Games Night

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Currently every Saturday at 7 PST I host a "CarbonsGaming Community Games Night" on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/carbonsixteen) and our Discord server (Community Games Night channel).

This night is primarily intended as a fun way for those who contribute to this community to spend some time together socializing and playing games, and basically celebrate the friendships we have created in this community while creating new ones with some of the members we may not know as well.

Secondarily it is intended to showcase our community's activities to the rest of the internet with hopes of finding even more people who want to be part of what we do here.

Typically I will do my best to host this night every week as a perk for the members of our community and try to include as many of you as want to play as possible.

Sometimes I will have a plan in advance for the nights schedule, but more often than not we will be doing some winging it.

Members who want to be part of the nights events but were not able to fit into the current game, or simply don't like playing it are asked to be patient and realize that on other nights the activities will favor you more and another member less, generally speaking once we finish our current activity we will switch to something that can now include everybody else who wants to join in the fun, while you wait, feel free to hang out in the Discord channel, or support our community and my stream by watching what we are up to on my Twitch page :)

Also keep in mind that while this night is intended to be a perk for members and include members first, viewers of the stream and friends of the community will also occasionally be invited to fill in available spots for whatever games we might be playing.

Everybody involved in these events is asked to treat *everybody* else with tolerance and respect, or risk being asked not to continue participating.

Information on each weeks events will be posted here on the forums in the Community Gaming section every Friday night or Saturday morning prior to that weeks Games Night, and I will try to link that forums topic in Discord on Saturday as well to help remind everybody what day it is.

Most of all everybody is asked to remember that this isn't about *you*, this is about your relationship with your community, so even if the game isn't exactly your cup of tea, consider sticking around and trying your best to help everybody else have a good time, or just supporting the event and the community in general by being there or maybe watching the stream.

Lastly if you have ideas or suggestions for future Games Nights join this conversation and share your thoughts:


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Whats CarbonsGaming?

CarbonsGaming is a community friends who hang out together, work together, and play games together