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March 17 Community Games Night

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Hey guys!

Saturday again obviously, and that means another Community games Night :)

Tonight the plan is to start out with a little CS:GG to get a few people gathered up, and then hop into a game of DoD:Source which every CarbonsGaming member *should* own a copy of already, and then if that's not working out for whatever reason, would like to take a second (third?) look at BattleRush, from there we just kinda see where the night takes us and hopefully everybody has a good time :D

My plan is to start the stream around 7PST as usual, and I invite anybody who wants to be a part of Games Night to join us either in the Twitch channel, the Discord channel, or both :)

I *might* be a little late, today and this weekend have been a little busy for me, which is also why this post is coming so late this afternoon, but I will do my best to be as close to on time as possible.

Also don't forget, if you have suggestions for future Games Nights or wanna keep up with what games are generally being played, join the discussion by checking out:

Thanks everybody for your patience today in advance in case I am a little late, and I look forward to seeing some of you tonight :D


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