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March 3 Community Games Night

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Hey guys :)

Saturday again, and unlike last week, it looks like this week I will be able to host my regular Community Games Night stream :D

Hopefully last week you guys were still able to get together and find something fun to play while hanging out with each-other.

Anyways, as usual, tonight I will be kicking off my stream at 7PST.

Tonight while I do have some ideas, I don't have a specific plan in mind, so we're probably gonna be doing a little bit of winging it at some point.

Anybody looking for details on what Games Night is and how it works, or wishing to make suggestions for future Games Night events, head over to:

Look forward to seeing some of you later tonight, and wishing you all a great weekend in case I don't see ya :D

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CarbonsGaming is a community friends who hang out together, work together, and play games together