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Games for Community Games Night

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As many of you are now aware, currently every Saturday at 7 PST I host a "CarbonsGaming Community Games Night" on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/carbonsixteen) and our Discord server (Community Games Night channel).

This night is primarily intended as a fun way for those who contribute to this community to spend some time together socializing and playing games, and basically celebrate the friendships we have created in this community while creating new ones with some of the members we may not know as well.

Secondarily it is intended to showcase our community's activities to the rest of the internet with hopes of finding even more people who want to be part of what we do here.

Typically I will do my best to host this night every week as a perk for the members of our community and try to include as many of you as want to play as possible.

Sometimes I will have a plan in advance for the nights schedule, but more often than not we will be doing some winging it.

Members who want to be part of the nights events but were not able to fit into the current game, or simply don't like playing it are asked to be patient and realize that on other nights the activities will favor you more and another member less, generally speaking once we finish our current activity we will switch to something that can now include everybody else who wants to join in the fun, while you wait, feel free to hang out in the Discord channel, or support our community and my stream by watching what we are up to on my Twitch page :)

Also keep in mind that while this night is intended to be a perk for members and include members first, viewers of the stream and friends of the community will also occasionally be invited to fill in available spots for whatever games we might be playing.

Everybody involved in these events is asked to treat *everybody* else with tolerance and respect, or risk being asked not to continue participating.

The purpose of this thread will be to try and have a list of games compiled (as well as info about those games and how to obtain them) that we have found to be working well for Games Night, and that I recommend keeping installed on your PC to enhance your involvement on Games Night, as well as to discuss games that we feel should be played or looked into for future Games Nights.

Lastly, I will be creating an ongoing poll of some kind that we can use to determine which games are considered most popular on Games Night so that on nights where I do not have a schedule or plan we can easily determine which game will work for our current group (taking into account total number of players of course).

If any member has any questions or comments about any of this, please feel free to post a reply here and type your words.

Anybody who has suggestions about games for Games Night, please post them here with some details (How many players? Where get game? Cost? Type of game play? You get the idea, don't be lazy)

Also keep in mind that this is *Community* Games Night and as such accessibility needs to be a consideration which means that games that are expensive or require high end PCs will not work as well (unless you wanna buy the games or PCs for everybody).  Additionally games that have strong player restrictions or huge learning curves without controlled environments can be trickier to implement in a way that works.

Don't let this make you shy though, I'm just giving fair warning that you may have some work to do if you wanna convince the entire community to buy a copy of your favorite title on Steam, and of course hopefully we are all mature enough to recognize that on some nights the group will be playing a game that exceeds the capabilities of a portion of our membership for whatever reason and they may need to sit out for an hour or two in order for the night to function correctly.

Most of all everybody is asked to remember that this isn't about *you*, this is about your relationship with your community, so even if the game isn't exactly your cup of tea, consider sticking around and trying your best to help everybody else have a good time, or just supporting the event and the community in general by being there or maybe watching the stream.


List of games recommended to have installed on your PC for CarbonsGaming Community Games Night:

- BattleRush                     - Steam - FREE         (Up to 20+ players)

- CS:GO                           - Steam - purchase   (Up to 20+ players)

- Heroes of the Storm      - Blizzard - FREE        (Up to 10 players)

- ShellShock Live              - Steam - purchase   (Up to 8 players)

- Of Gaurds and Thieves   - Steam - FREE         (Up to 10? players)

More to be added, check back here to keep up to date :)

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I like it Mitch :)

Coincidentally the entire community should also have a copy of that game on Steam :D

As you know I was planning to include this in tonight's cycle, but we will be playing this on a different night now instead.

For everybody else though, if you didn't already own a copy of this game you should have received one as a Steam gift recently and if you have the space you should consider having this one installed as well for an upcoming Games Night event including this game.

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