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  1. The purpose of this thread will be to try and have a list of games compiled (as well as info about those games and how to obtain them) that we have found to be working well for Games Night, and that I recommend keeping installed on your PC to enhance your involvement on Games Night, as well as to discuss games that we feel should be played or looked into for future Games Nights. If you're looking for general information about Games Night, head over here: Anybody who has suggestions about games for Games Night, please post them here with some details (How many players? Where get game? Cost? Type of game play? You get the idea, don't be lazy) Also keep in mind that this is *Community* Games Night and as such accessibility needs to be a consideration which means that games that are expensive or require high end PCs will not work as well (unless you wanna buy the games or PCs for everybody). Additionally games that have strong player restrictions or huge learning curves without controlled environments can be trickier to implement in a way that works. Don't let this make you shy though, I'm just giving fair warning that you may have some work to do if you wanna convince the entire community to buy a copy of your favorite title on Steam, and of course hopefully we are all mature enough to recognize that on some nights the group will be playing a game that exceeds the capabilities of a portion of our membership for whatever reason and they may need to sit out for an hour or two in order for the night to function correctly. Lastly, I will be creating an ongoing poll of some kind that we can use to determine which games are considered most popular on Games Night so that on nights where I do not have a schedule or plan we can easily determine which game will work for our current group (taking into account total number of players of course). If any member has any questions or comments about any of this, please feel free to post a reply here and type your words. List of games recommended to have installed on your PC for CarbonsGaming Community Games Night: - BattleRush - Steam - FREE (Up to 20+ players) - CS:GO - Steam - purchase (Up to 20+ players) - Heroes of the Storm - Blizzard - FREE (Up to 10 players) - ShellShock Live - Steam - purchase (Up to 8 players) - Of Gaurds and Thieves - Steam - FREE (Up to 10? players) - Day of Defeat: Source - Steam - purchase (Up to 20+ players) More to be added, check back here to keep up to date

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CarbonsGaming is a community friends who hang out together, work together, and play games together