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Found 2 results

  1. ⚠️ End of Summer Server Wipe Announcement ⚠️ From the Administrative Team As the Alpha 8.5: Anniversary Update was just released for Empyrion Galactic Server we will be undergoing a complete server wipe. I have been working on getting Administrative settings up and running to allow myself and other users at a later date to administrate the server from within (more information to come at a later date). We have been running the server with no anti-griefing measures in place and thats unacceptable to maintain a healthy server environment for all players. To start fresh with the changes I've made as well as the many changes that were just made to the game itself a wipe is necessary. So ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS when the server wipe is started ALL data will be lost therefore I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ALL PLAYERS who wish to save their Structures/Ships ETC TO SAVE/COPY using Empyrions blue print system to avoid full loss of their structures/ships. -Server Wipe will begin tentatively On Friday August 31st at 9:00 PM PST- (12:00 EDT,11:00 CDT,10:00 MDT,4:00 AM UTC)
  2. CarbonsGaming's Empyrion Galactic Survival is now up and running on our Virtual Dedicated Server. It is the first server we have running full time on our own virtual machine. More information regarding the Virtual Dedicated Server will be coming soon™, for real this time. Empyrion is STILL In Steam Early Access and In alpha, therefore server settings are not so forgiving and need to be tweaked a lot so if any issues arise concerning the server please contact me directly here on the forums @GeneralMitch , on Steam, or on our Discord at any time. As far as connecting to the server; the server list in Empyrion is a little funky so open the server browser and let it load FULLY, over 1500~ servers, than look for CarbonsGaming. After joining once the server should be in your history to connect again easily. More game servers coming soon keep an eye out. Enjoy the server!

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