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  1. yea I prefer the up order being t guns weak to strong then awp then descending ct guns from strong to weak. then have zeus knife nade as finish. I would maybe only use slot weapon and not variance for m4.
  2. does your bike have a 49ers sticker? When can I come to your families BBQ, cause that looks delicious.
  3. Hi I’m dDoTTt. I’m married. Play games. A bit collector style, I like to acquire everything in a game and play binge style. I am Canadian. I have been around this community basically since it began. I have 2 professions currently. I am a flooring contractor and a licensed funeral director. I live in Ontario Canada. I love music especially classical and vocal part singing (quartet trio choir accapella). I play a couple of instruments and used to travel in a quartet. Oh and my wife is a total babe.

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