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  1. CarbonsGaming is now hosting its own Kerbal Space Program server. To access the server you must have the Luna Multiplayer mod. I have created a thread that I will link at the bottom of this topic that shows you how to install the mod, its easy ? You will find the server under the name " CarbonsGaming " As par for the course if you have any issues with the server, or the users within it please message me immediately and it will be dealt with. Good Luck out there Astronauts ?‍?
  2. CarbonsGaming is running a Kerbal Space Program mod called Luna Multiplayer, you can find the mod website at http://lunamultiplayer.com/ . The DIRECT MOD INSTALL link can be found at https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/releases/tag/0.13.50 it will be called LunaMultiplayer-Release.zip . This mod allows us to host a Kerbal Space Program Server, you must have this mod installed to access the server. To do so you can follow these steps, found also on their website HERE, but for simplicity here they are. Once you've downloaded the desired version, you will see 2 folders in the .zip file. Inside the Client folder you will see a folder called GameData. You must put the GameDatafolder into your main KSP folder. After installing LMP and putting it in the corresponding folder After you've installed LMP correctly and you've started KSP, you should see a new window in the main menu. We recommend to set up your username first, because you will be recognized by it on the servers. If you have any questions, or the instructions are not clear, please message me directly here on carbonsgaming.net or on Discord or steam I would be more than happy to help ?
  3. ⚠️ End of Summer Server Wipe Announcement ⚠️ From the Administrative Team As the Alpha 8.5: Anniversary Update was just released for Empyrion Galactic Server we will be undergoing a complete server wipe. I have been working on getting Administrative settings up and running to allow myself and other users at a later date to administrate the server from within (more information to come at a later date). We have been running the server with no anti-griefing measures in place and thats unacceptable to maintain a healthy server environment for all players. To start fresh with the changes I've made as well as the many changes that were just made to the game itself a wipe is necessary. So ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS when the server wipe is started ALL data will be lost therefore I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ALL PLAYERS who wish to save their Structures/Ships ETC TO SAVE/COPY using Empyrions blue print system to avoid full loss of their structures/ships. -Server Wipe will begin tentatively On Friday August 31st at 9:00 PM PST- (12:00 EDT,11:00 CDT,10:00 MDT,4:00 AM UTC)
  4. CarbonsGaming's Empyrion Galactic Survival is now up and running on our Virtual Dedicated Server. It is the first server we have running full time on our own virtual machine. More information regarding the Virtual Dedicated Server will be coming soon™, for real this time. Empyrion is STILL In Steam Early Access and In alpha, therefore server settings are not so forgiving and need to be tweaked a lot so if any issues arise concerning the server please contact me directly here on the forums @GeneralMitch , on Steam, or on our Discord at any time. As far as connecting to the server; the server list in Empyrion is a little funky so open the server browser and let it load FULLY, over 1500~ servers, than look for CarbonsGaming. After joining once the server should be in your history to connect again easily. More game servers coming soon keep an eye out. Enjoy the server!
  5. We ended up playing some PUBG, and ended with some Killing Floor 1, was a good time
  6. We had some internet problems tonight but next week will be better!
  7. I still have all the files if you would like anything
  8. Yeah, wasn't really necessary to change urgently, we have planned to remake the entire server anyways on our dedicated for some time. Didn't want you to have to do extra work when we were going to change the whole server anyways
  9. Had fun. we played CS GO Gun Game and Shell shocked LIVE. Carbon cheats at shell shocked btw,
  10. Okay Its Thursday, and I said on Discord ill have this up until now, so I'll take the inputs that we got. Were going to give this a shot, I'll post updates when I have them
  11. Were rebuilding the GunGame Server from scratch and we need your input. We have seen complaints about the gun order currently and want to fix it. The quote below displays the CURRENT gun order on our server. How would you change this order up to be more balanced, and enjoyable for everyone. NOTE: What ever we decided will be on the NEW server. The old one will stay the same until its taken down. Look forward to more updates and discussions regarding the current and future state of our GunGame Elimination server in the very near future.
  12. We tried GTA before, and 2 people came, but Im willing to try it again
  13. Like a shoutbox? Thats possible I'll take a look and get back to you about it
  14. HEY! I'm Mitch! I'm a 23 year old computer science major from New York. I love football,soccer, and video games of course! I also love twitch,memes, and community building.

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