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    Hey everybody As some of you are aware, we (myself and Carla) are coming up on our annual trip into the states for "CarbonCon". This year I'd like to reward all the official members of CarbonsGaming for their support of this community by offering each of you an Official CarbonsGaming Community T-Shirt! This will apply to any current member of CarbonsGaming that began contributions before this post was made. And to save on shipping costs we think the best thing to do is bring them with us to CarbonCon (for whoever *is* going this year) and ship the rest while we are in the USA (as it is much cheaper than shipping from here in Canada) So, what I need from you guys and gals (if you want a shirt) is to head to this page and fill out this quick google form https://www.carbonsgaming.net/cgtshirtreward2018/ If you won't catch me with this information before we head down (June 30) then I may not be able to provide you with this reward, though you can still get a hold of me to see if we can work something out (I'd like to do my best to get one to each person who wants one) If you are having any issues getting a hold of me on our Discord, please reach out to @GeneralMitch to pass along the information to me. If you have any questions or comments about this, please post them here Thanks for another great year everybody EDIT: I have made a post on the community Patreon site detailing how members that may have been missed can still acquire one of these shirts, and will be moving the mail out date for them back slightly to accommodate this change, so half of you will be getting shirts when we come down next week, and the other half a couple week later in the mail
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    Hey all Saturday again, and Games Night again Tonight I wanna start hosting Games Night on my stream at around 7PST as usual, and really just looking for a chill night where we can all hang out and play some games. Most likely just gonna start with a F2P multiplayer game and then depending who all shows up and when, have a vote at some point on what game we wanna play after. Haven't been gaming or chilling with you guys very much the last couple weeks it feels like, and haven't done any extra streaming lately either, so for me tonight should be a good time on multiple levels. Look forward to seeing some of you there tonight, either on Discord, Twitch, or both
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    Hello again Tonight is Saturday so it's time for another Community Games Night Tonight's Games Night is starting at the usual time again (7PST for those that still aren't sure) Tonight after the "warm-up" period of the stream we will be taking a look at Team Fortress 2 (A free download on Steam) so if you haven't already installed that, and you want to join in the action, now might be a good time to get your hands on it! Following that we will likely end the stream by picking another game or two based on who is around and what games they have/are in the mood to play. For those that want to hang out or support the event and your community even if you don't want to play any games, please feel free to pop into my stream channel or the Games Night discord channel any time after 7. Anybody who is not a community member is welcome to come hang out as well, and as we move through the activities for tonight's events, as always, viewers of the stream or friends of the community will have an opportunity to join in any games where we have available player slots. (And you can guarantee yourself a place in future games nights by becoming a member of the community through our Patreon page) Also, for those that have ideas about games for games night, or questions about games night in general Thanks everybody for continuing to be a part of this awesome community, and I look forward to seeing some of you at 7 tonight

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