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  2. Hey everybody :) Today is another fine Saturday, which means tonight is another amazing CarbonsGaming Community Games Night :D I've got some plans for us tonight, so if you wanna be part of the action make sure you are in either the Games Night Discord channel on our Discord, or my Twitch channel, or both! I'll be kicking on the stream around 7 PDT as usual and look forward to seeing some of you there :D For anybody looking for general information about Community Games Night check out this: Anybody looking for a master list of games we commonly play, or wanting to suggest a game or activity for a future Games Night check out this:
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  4. Hey guys, how we all doing this weekend? 7PDT, tonight it's time for another CarbonsGaming Community Games Night The plan is to start with a game called Scorched3D - http://www.scorched3d.co.uk/ unless we have some serious issues getting it to work or something. Next I thought we could chill to some CS GunGame on our server for a bit before taking a look at the event mode currently available on PUBG. (which is essentially a 3 way, 10v10v10 deathmatch) Following that if we are still playing, it'll be open ended, and keep in mind sometimes I like to change things on the fly For anybody looking for general information about Community Games Night check out this: Anybody looking for a master list of games we commonly play, or wanting to suggest a game or activity for a future Games Night check out this: Don't think there is anything more I have to add, look forward to seeing some of you there tonight
  5. Yeah, wasn't really necessary to change urgently, we have planned to remake the entire server anyways on our dedicated for some time. Didn't want you to have to do extra work when we were going to change the whole server anyways
  6. I'd have set it up that way had ya'll told me. We do need to have the extra weapons in there, zeus, m4-silence, cz ect.
  7. Hey guys, its that time again Gonna be a pretty mellow night again in terms of plans, just wanna play some casual games with the community members that wanna play with each other, not looking to get into anything too complex for anybody to learn or join in. Id like to have some more structured nights again for games night soon, but just have a few things that have been taking my focus lately including some health issues, so please just relax with me and enjoy another low stress night, and know that soon enough I will have some plans for structured Games Nights again. As for tonight, I'll be starting around 7PST like usual, and will look for whoever wants to play with us in the Games Night channel on Discord. Hope to see you there General info for Games Night: Suggestions for future Games Night:
  8. Also, if anybody has better information about good places to get these games, or about the game in general, please post it here so I can update the information above
  9. Currently every Saturday at 7 PST I host a "CarbonsGaming Community Games Night" on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/carbonsixteen) and our Discord server (Community Games Night channel). This night is primarily intended as a fun way for those who contribute to this community to spend some time together socializing and playing games, and basically celebrate the friendships we have created in this community while creating new ones with some of the members we may not know as well. Secondarily it is intended to showcase our community's activities to the rest of the internet with hopes of finding even more people who want to be part of what we do here. Typically I will do my best to host this night every week as a perk for the members of our community and try to include as many of you as want to play as possible. Sometimes I will have a plan in advance for the nights schedule, but more often than not we will be doing some winging it. Members who want to be part of the nights events but were not able to fit into the current game, or simply don't like playing it are asked to be patient and realize that on other nights the activities will favor you more and another member less, generally speaking once we finish our current activity we will switch to something that can now include everybody else who wants to join in the fun, while you wait, feel free to hang out in the Discord channel, or support our community and my stream by watching what we are up to on my Twitch page Also keep in mind that while this night is intended to be a perk for members and include members first, viewers of the stream and friends of the community will also occasionally be invited to fill in available spots for whatever games we might be playing. Everybody involved in these events is asked to treat *everybody* else with tolerance and respect, or risk being asked not to continue participating. Information on each weeks events will be posted here on the forums in the Community Gaming section every Friday night or Saturday morning prior to that weeks Games Night, and I will try to link that forums topic in Discord on Saturday as well to help remind everybody what day it is. Most of all everybody is asked to remember that this isn't about *you*, this is about your relationship with your community, so even if the game isn't exactly your cup of tea, consider sticking around and trying your best to help everybody else have a good time, or just supporting the event and the community in general by being there or maybe watching the stream. Lastly if you have ideas or suggestions for future Games Nights join this conversation and share your thoughts:
  10. Also, am I missing anything that should be on the list already?
  11. Hey guys Tonight at 7PST is another Community Games Night stream I don't know exactly what the plan is just yet, but most likely won't be exploring anything new that requires a download. Prolly just start with one of our standard games and see how things go. For those that wanna know what is the current list of "standard" games as well as make suggestions about games to played for future Games Nights, head on over here to join the conversation: That thread also contains some basic info about Games Night in general at the moment if anybody has any questions about any of that. Look forward to seeing whoever makes it out tonight Have a great weekend everybody
  12. Feel like I've been under performing in that game sometimes lately, lol, went from having high standards to hoping for that luck shot, hahaha
  13. Had fun. we played CS GO Gun Game and Shell shocked LIVE. Carbon cheats at shell shocked btw,
  14. Hey all Tonight is another Community Games Night No real structure planned for this week, basically just gonna round everybody up and get a vote going on some of the more popular choices we have played over the months, with maybe a few extra options thrown in As usual I wanna try and get the stream started around 7PST tonight And as always, if you are looking for info on games we commonly play on Games Night or have any ideas or suggestions for future Games Nights, join the discussion here:
  15. Okay Its Thursday, and I said on Discord ill have this up until now, so I'll take the inputs that we got. Were going to give this a shot, I'll post updates when I have them
  16. gotta keep the nade finish, thats our tm
  17. yea I prefer the up order being t guns weak to strong then awp then descending ct guns from strong to weak. then have zeus knife nade as finish. I would maybe only use slot weapon and not variance for m4.
  18. Im not saying i tneeds to be done this way, but on the old server the gun order worked like this. Started with all guns Ts can buy, begining with the "weakest" and working to the "strongest" and then back down thru the list but only the guns the CTs could buy, essentially using guns twice that both teams could buy.
  19. Need Zeus and silenced M4! Also opponents need to lose a level when Zeused!
  20. Were rebuilding the GunGame Server from scratch and we need your input. We have seen complaints about the gun order currently and want to fix it. The quote below displays the CURRENT gun order on our server. How would you change this order up to be more balanced, and enjoyable for everyone. NOTE: What ever we decided will be on the NEW server. The old one will stay the same until its taken down. Look forward to more updates and discussions regarding the current and future state of our GunGame Elimination server in the very near future.
  21. We tried GTA before, and 2 people came, but Im willing to try it again
  22. Hey guys! Saturday again obviously, and that means another Community games Night Tonight the plan is to start out with a little CS:GG to get a few people gathered up, and then hop into a game of DoD:Source which every CarbonsGaming member *should* own a copy of already, and then if that's not working out for whatever reason, would like to take a second (third?) look at BattleRush, from there we just kinda see where the night takes us and hopefully everybody has a good time My plan is to start the stream around 7PST as usual, and I invite anybody who wants to be a part of Games Night to join us either in the Twitch channel, the Discord channel, or both I *might* be a little late, today and this weekend have been a little busy for me, which is also why this post is coming so late this afternoon, but I will do my best to be as close to on time as possible. Also don't forget, if you have suggestions for future Games Nights or wanna keep up with what games are generally being played, join the discussion by checking out: Thanks everybody for your patience today in advance in case I am a little late, and I look forward to seeing some of you tonight
  23. Hey all Saturday again, and Games Night again Tonight I wanna start hosting Games Night on my stream at around 7PST as usual, and really just looking for a chill night where we can all hang out and play some games. Most likely just gonna start with a F2P multiplayer game and then depending who all shows up and when, have a vote at some point on what game we wanna play after. Haven't been gaming or chilling with you guys very much the last couple weeks it feels like, and haven't done any extra streaming lately either, so for me tonight should be a good time on multiple levels. Look forward to seeing some of you there tonight, either on Discord, Twitch, or both
  24. Hey guys Saturday again, and unlike last week, it looks like this week I will be able to host my regular Community Games Night stream Hopefully last week you guys were still able to get together and find something fun to play while hanging out with each-other. Anyways, as usual, tonight I will be kicking off my stream at 7PST. Tonight while I do have some ideas, I don't have a specific plan in mind, so we're probably gonna be doing a little bit of winging it at some point. Anybody looking for details on what Games Night is and how it works, or wishing to make suggestions for future Games Night events, head over to: Look forward to seeing some of you later tonight, and wishing you all a great weekend in case I don't see ya
  25. does your bike have a 49ers sticker? When can I come to your families BBQ, cause that looks delicious.
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